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Andreas Ubbe Dall
Product Designer

Reimagining Healthcare

When I joined Nurx in early 2019, the company had grown rapidly to secure strong position within birth control and was looking to solidify that leadership position while also expanding the services offered. This led to a rebrand to better match the company’s new position and aspirations.

As the new lead for Patient Experience it was my first task to figure out how this rebrand process would manifest itself in the product’s mobile and web apps.

Healthcare is broken!

Balancing disruption and care

A core belief Nurx was founded on was that the healthcare system is broken and Nurx seeks to fix that. The brand needed to be able to encompass this disruptive side but also feel human and nurturing for the patients in our care.

Adapting to product use

A key objective was to ensure that the disruptive aspects of the brand were toned down once patients were signed up with us, to give way for a sense of care and professionalism - but not seem like a separate identity.

Optimizing patient intake

To support the scalability of the growing business it was important to ensure that conversion funnel was optimized and there were no negative downstream effects such as more administrative contacts per order after the initial sign up.

As an opportunistic effort while we were undergoing the rebrand a number of insights were gathered and strategically addressed while the corresponding flows were being worked on for the rebranding.

Insight #2

Sexual health can be a very stigmatized and taboo subject. Subsequently it can be difficult to talk about and misconceptions are plentiful.

To address this the intake flows were updated with more inclusive language, and with added context surrounding why certain information was needed, as well as linking to educational content.

Insight #1

Patients faced a lot of uncertainty initially. This could be surrounding the cost, the details of the prescribed drug, or the process. This was addressed by clearly segmenting patients looking for a particular brand or first time patients in need of assistance. For the ones looking for particular brands additional information regarding price and generic alternatives were added to the product detail pages.


These changes throughout the intake flow increased health assessment completion rate with ~7 percentage points (to >90%). Meanwhile no negative trends such as an increase in contacts per 100 orders were observed.

Creating a shared understanding

In order to improve the patient journey it was important to ensure a shared understanding of it. This was achieved through several service blueprints and mappings that were socialized throughout the company as a common reference point. These were developed by imbedding with all parts of the organisation and observing and documenting both intended and unintended processes.

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